An analysis of the film first blood by ted kotchef

First Blood has some exquisite Cinemascope framing…do you plan those shots out ahead of time, or come up with them on the day? Rambo reaches up and blows himself away, commits hari-kari.

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In the DVD audio commentary track, Sylvester Stallone recalls an incident during filming where a girl in the town bar pretended to be a fan of his in order to try and wheedle a free round of drinks out of him. You do it beforehand and discuss the character and what you want to emerge out of the scene.

Weapons check.

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His website is www. Yet the story also has energy and ingenuity. Short notice. I sent him the script for First Blood and he liked it a lot. However, the box set is missing the David Morrell commentary, even though the packaging clearly states it is included.

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