An analysis of the society and the social forces in healthcare systems

Its trade and import-export market is continually thriving.

social factors affecting health ppt

Health in High-Income Nations Obesity, which is on the rise in high-income nations, has been linked to many diseases, including cardiovascular problems, musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, and respiratory issues. Organizations, like the World Health Organizationtry to create policies that respect tradition without trying to replace it with modern science, instead regulating it to ensure safety but keeping it accessible.

As Hughes argued inthe line between service and disservice is a fine one. Job loss, unemployment, and economic contraction have been linked with ill health and higher mortality because of psychosocial as well as economic consequences Bartley and Owen, ; McLeod et al.

They also eat according to what is in season and fresh. Our aim in this introduction is to trace some of these connections.

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Disabled men and women are also 8. Stigmatization of obese people comes in many forms, from the seemingly benign to the potentially illegal.

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Sociology of health and illness