Causes of road accident in kelantan

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Causes of road accident in kelantan

The research usage descriptive informations a study research which field method is used and required information will be collected through questionnaire Milton. Schulze General insurers are hurt from the high rate of road accidents in Malaysia.

But the problem is that pasaway pedestrians cause so much trouble on the road just as kamote drivers do. Fifty percent or more of road deaths in cities involve pedestrians. Thus the European Union has today a rate ofbereaved families or families with a seriously disabled member, every year.

Despite execution of assorted intercession steps over the old ages.

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Get Essay Consequently, the number of road accidents has also noticeably increased in Malaysia in the past decade. The recent report says that annual average ofroad accidents, 10 percentages occur in India which has overtaken China.

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H1 : There is a relationship between drink and drive towards road accidents 2. The relationship was statically important Related essay samples:. Acta Neurochir Wien — This chapter was divided into 11 sections to explain the methodology of this research, which are research instrument, specify domain of construct, measurement scales, generate sample items, hypotheses development, research framework, data collection method, sample processing, data analysis and limitation of research. To fit a model to accident data in the country to identify the major causes of road accidents in order to plan for future occurrence. The insurance compensation has proportionately increased. Extra measures such as good geometric design of roads with adequate sight distance, good, safer, pedestrian friendly streets and walkways, collapsible rubber poles, striking pavement marking etc. The death toll on Malaysian roads is relatively high when compared to other countries. Epidemiology of closed head injury.

Intracranial injury following minor head trauma. The UK has one of the worst child pedestrian fatality rates in Europe.

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The global burden of disease. This is more than double the amount of annual foreign development aid they receive.

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Review of Global Menace of Road Accidents with Special Reference to Malaysia