Character analysis of paul morel in sons and lovers by d h lawrence

It makes too large a demand on him, and he fails.

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He is sensitive, temperamental, artistic a painterand unceasingly devoted to his mother. This often makes him hate his lovers because he blames them for causing his shame.

Thus Miriam's love for Paul is true, sincere and intense, but he fails to rise to the height of it. After the win, the narrator tells us that Paul "was beginning to grow ambitious" about his abilities as a painter Morel leaned on the garden gate, looking out, and she lost herself awhile. You can see this in the way the narrator focuses on Paul taking Clara's hand, which is "large and firm; it [fills] his grasp" Paul is just a bit too much like Seymour Skinner for our comfort level… Or he's got too much of an Oedipus Complex. Morel, who feels threatened by Miriam's intellectuality, always reinforces his disdain for Miriam. The Lukewarm Lover To say that Paul is a commitment-phobe would be an extreme understatement. Annie Morel Annie is the Morel's only daughter. At first, Paul felt that Clara left Dawes because she hated him, but he soon realizes that she does care for Dawes a great deal.

Paul tries to get Clara to compliment his paintings, but she often "shrug[s] her shoulders in scorn of his work" Who wrote this essay? His family, especially Mrs. Her condescending behavior around the Morels irritates William, and she soon forgets about him after his death.

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Let us know! Excessive mother-love makes him incapable of reaching satisfactory emotional adjustments with any other woman. Walter Morel Morel, the coal-mining head of the family, was once a humorous, lively man, but over time he has become a cruel, selfish alcoholic.

Beatrice: Arthur's wife and mother of his child. Leivers: Miriam's mother whose personality and temperament is like Miriam's. First she devotes herself to William and is very jealous of William's relationship with his fiancee. Annie does not like Miriam; she can see how much their mother suffers when Paul is with Miriam and hates Miriam for that. Morel are miserable when she marries and leaves home. As readers, we have the benefit of knowing that he's totally absorbed this perspective from his mother, who doesn't want any woman to distract Paul from becoming famous and hopefully rich. In other words, Mrs.

By the time Paul meets Clara Dawes, the book has firmly established his desire to paint landscapes for a living. Clara can satisfy him sexually in what Miriam could not.

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Not only does Paul know that she still wants her husband, he notices that Clara does not want to be with him when he is troubled or worried. His relationship fails with Miriam because she is too sacrificial and virginal to claim him as hers, whereas it fails with Clara because, it seems, she has never given up on her estranged husband.

Takes a liking to Paul. Unlike the intellectual Miriam, Clara seems to represent the body. In other words, Mrs. By the time Paul meets Clara Dawes, the book has firmly established his desire to paint landscapes for a living. There's a problem with this paper. Paul is very close and loving to Annie. Miriam Leiver Miriam is a virginal, religious girl who lives on a farm near the Morels, and she is Paul's first love. He plans his life and career around pleasing and supporting his mother and prioritizes her over his girlfriends, of whom she is very jealous. The father would come home drunk and would often give a black eye to the mother.
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