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They are family friendly, and everyone gets invited. This is the worst of all because they do not show any kind of care.

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We also tried tablea tsokolate, which is Filipino hot chocolate. First birthday parties are the biggest — they can have a host, a theme, a DJ, an event stylist and a magician. On personal hygiene: Our family has learned from the local emphasis on good personal hygiene.

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I got teary-eyed watching him. Communication between parent and child involves arguing and fighting, especially when the child is old enough to fight back. The kids get to pick where we eat, which usually means the pizza place or a Japanese restaurant where you grill your own meat on a sizzling plate — they go crazy for it. When we go to restaurants, the waiters pick up my sons. Permissive parents tend to produce children with feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, and inferiority. The women in the class immediately started inviting me to playdates, family BBQs and birthday parties, and I began hosting them, too. This week, my middle son, Oz, had a cavity, so we visited the dentist. Every Friday, we go to the one by our house for dinner. Because traffic is notoriously bad, vendors on the roads sell water, energy drinks, soda and peanuts.

The country has had a female president, and many women hold high positions within companies or are health professionals. Oz loves that one.

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At our parent conference, the teachers told me they were worried about Aaker.

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15 Surprising Things About Parenting in the Philippines