National theatre business plan

We would like to be partners in their discovery of theatre, provide content that will inspire and enable them to connect with the theatre art form, give routes into the subjects our writers and directors are exploring, offer platforms to debrief, share and exchange.

We are all citizens, regardless of where we come from, our level of ability, gender identity or ethnicity.

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Photography by Mihaela Bodlovic. PLACE has proved a significant source of inspiration for our artists and audiences and the company has developed a high level of expertise in creating site-located work, often in collaboration with specific communities. Nurture and develop artists as a means to achieve extraordinary new theatre productions, and for the sake of the wider development of performance making in Wales.

Without a presenting venue of our own we strive for the widest possible reach in all that we do. We will continue programmes that subsidise tickets for people who cannot afford to pay to go to the theatre. As part of the 5-year strategic plan, the theatre is expected to go through some renovations hopefully within the next 14 or 16 months, to change the face the building which was constructed by the Chinese government.

National theatre business plan

We will review the organisational structure, making sure it is fit for purpose and futureproof. We will build on the success of TEAM, a growing network of over members, of all ages and abilities, who collaborate with us, develop their leadership skills with our support, create work in their own communities, give us feedback and help us make decisions about the future. Our Engine Room programme is a critical area of our work, providing talent development opportunities for artists at all career levels across the nation. This audacity will also manifest itself in the types of artists that we support and their abilities to break new ground in how theatre is made. We will identify potential opportunities for training and development, and invest in technology when needed. Aim: Developing a meaningful and long term relationship with our audience. We are all citizens, regardless of where we come from, our level of ability, gender identity or ethnicity. Aim: Creating participatory work with communities that is both transformative and cutting edge. And we will continue to develop our use of digital to broaden the possibilities of engagement with our audiences and communities; help position Welsh theatre at the forefront of a new wave of artistic and cultural development; reach international audiences; and help us to deliver all of our strategic goals. The National Theatre of Scotland has a role to contribute to talent development that benefits the whole sector due to its position as a national company. Photography by Beth Chalmers.

This guidance is kept up to date following updates from UK Government and in response to emerging security risks including recent advice on dealing with acid attacks.

One of the stated Aim is for that strategy to endure and be relevant beyond budget cycles and political tenures.

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We will examine the ways we work that currently exclude these groups and address them. Ensuring that the National Theatre of Scotland is appropriately resourced, both in terms of personnel and equipment will enable the company to fulfil its potential.

Home Away, We need to foster new ties and connections beyond Scotland and national boundaries; Without walls must also mean beyond borders.

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