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However, never commence writing before consulting with your teacher. This story parallels that of the young American soldiers who went to war believing in a cause and were killed senselessly, as are all deaths in a war. There are too many similarities What about the civilians?

Even though Arthur C. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut is an anti-war novel Answer: 1 He speaks of being kidnapped by Tralfamadorians and being kept in a zoo with actress Montana Wildhack, with whom he mates; 2 He checks himself into a mental hospital in because his life no longer has meaning; 3 Billy claims he travels through time; 4 Billy sobs uncontrollably after the war, a sign of post traumatic stress disorder; 5 Billy needs a vibrating bed in order to sleep at night and falls asleep while giving eye examinations.

What are these colors' significance? This lesson provides sample essay prompts to help your students examine this complex book. How would you explain the concept of 'time'?

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How is it used? The point of view that Slaughterhouse-Five is written from also affects the way the reader fells about time after reading the novel. For example, when Billy is picked up by the wondering group of soldiers he is expected to be the first one to die and accepts that and even tells them to leave him because he would just get them captured or killed. Vonnegut presents the human life span. He is said to become unstuck in time. Many schools have tried to ban Slaughterhouse- Five because of the absurd amount of profanity, sexual scenes, and unpatriotic theme Bista ENH Mr. Why is it silly to them to mourn a person after their death? This study guide is. Throughout the novel Vonnegut constantly ridiculous Billy.

When the Tralfamadorians ask if he is happy Billy responds that he is as happy as he was on Earth. The second source is a work about Celine in which the biographer describes the author's desire to make time stand still so people would stop disappearing.

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Examining Billy's time traveling, his life on Tralfamadore, and the novel's schizophrenic structure shows that time travel is actually a metaphor for our human tendency to avoid facing the unpleasant reality of death This book is written in a rather random order because Billy Pilgrim lived his life that way.

In fact, the description given in the book mimics what happened during the firebombing of Dresden.

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