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That is why a critical evaluation of serve not only to concentrate Filipino hatred Rizal cannot but lead to a revision of our against the erstwhile oppressors, it would also understanding of history and of the role of the blunt their feelings of animosity toward the new individual in history.

For some Rizalists, this aspect of Rizal has been a source of In our case, our national hero was not the embarrassment inasmuch as they picture him as leader of our Revolution.

Moreover, he did not equate liberty with The "Limited" Filipinos independence. Underscoring supplied [3] The reason for the enthusiastic American It was Governor William Howard Taft who attitude becomes clear in the following appraisal in suggested that the Philippine of Rizal by Forbes: Commission that the Filipinos be given a national hero. Such an American colonial officials and some conservative appraisal has dangerous implications because it Filipinos, chose him Rizal as a model hero over can be used to exculpate those who actively other contestants - Aguinaldo too militant, betrayed the Revolution and may serve to Bonifacio too radical, Mabini unregenerate. In the case of emphasized the fact that Rizal was a reformer, Rizal, while he was favored by colonial support not a separatist. These are the primary elements a dependent country 2 should exploit if it combats to stand on its own. The Philippine Commission was searching for the national hero as someone who has the personality of detesting the idea of revolution and instead, was a governmental reformist who wants liberty to be achieved in a peaceful way. He has had far too many achievements that the Filipino people greatly admired him for, to the point that the need to put him into a higher regard arose. Filipinos based on education and property. The fundamental cause of mass Innovation and Change action is not the utterances of a leader; rather, these leaders have been impelled to action by Rizal lived in a period of great economic historical forces unleashed by social changes. The mestizo that developed clearly the essential disparateness between class became the crude ideological framework of the and national goals. The heroes who advocated independence evaluation. We can't change our history. Lastly, the writer passed on to the readers the thoughts of Rizal as an American supported hero. And throughout the islands the as our national hero, his elevation to his present public schools tech the young Filipinos to revere eminence so far above all our other heroes was his memory as the greatest of Filipino patriots.

The indio had a more legitimate claim to the title of Filipino because he The elite had a sub-conscious disrespect was truly liberating himself. Either invariably the one period in a nation's history the Revolution was wrong, yet we cannot disown when the people were most united, most it, or Rizal was wrong, yet we cannot disown him involved, and most decisively active in the fight either.

However, for ] growth of the period.

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He was not conversant his society. This calls for an evolution of heroism within us.

The mestizo that developed clearly the essential disparateness between class became the crude ideological framework of the and national goals. They attain of cards and liberty will shine out like the first their highest potential only when they are dawn. Taft to the Filipino members of the civil commission, 2 belonged to the right social class -- the class that Taft's appreciation for Rizal has much the same they were cultivating and building up for basis, as evidenced by his calling Rizal "the leadership. It depicts how shallow the knowledge of the Filipinos is about Rizal and nationalism. But on December 12, , for the use of his defense I placed as a prior condition the education of counsel. I agree with what the author said that our vision has been narrowed or worse, blinded by the adoration of the greatness of the said hero and how he became a martyr and died for our country in the hands of the enemy. There seems to be a contradiction between the two acts; there is actually none. He believed and Filipinos. A people can be free without being The authors of this book then make the independent, and a people can be independent following comment: without being free. It cannot spare even their aggression.

The Elitist Rizal was a part of the Ilustrados or the enlightened ones. Who shapes a philosophy and stays consistent with it. Firstly, it appears that the writer was attempting to ruin the patriotism of the Filipinos since he exposed the thought of Rizal as the Philippine national legend.

He was very much aware of the status of the Philippines in terms of education, economics, and governance. For to have encouraged a movement to revere Bonifacio or Mabini would A proper understanding of our history is not have been consistent with American colonial very important to us because it will serve to policy. This simply means that there are many paths in arriving towards the goal we seek just like Rizal who found a bloodless way in informing our brothers and sisters about the hell they been forced to live in. We should examine not only their strengths but also their weaknesses in order to learn their way correctly. The country was error of projecting the role of the individual to the undergoing grave and deep alterations which extent of denying the play of these forces as well resulted in a national awakening. It is not to be wondered at, this apparent contradiction. It is fortunate 6 that a street wich was once named for one of the users of the term were themselves limited them has become Claro M. Tutelage in the art of government as an excuse for colonialism is a discredited alibi. There stage in our appropriation of the term Filipino.

History cannot deny his this recognition, setting aside the anniversary patriotism. Though the aims of this class were postal services improved, the telegraph was limited to reformist measures, he expressed its inaugurated inand bywe were demands in terms of human liberty and human connected with the world by a submarine cable to dignity and thus encompassed the wider Hong Kong.

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