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May 1, Wishing everyone a great Sunday. In subsequent sales, the two fabled specimens have sold for multiples of that. Notice the upper loop of the 8 in the date is filled; this is caused by trapped air bubbles in the mold transfer process. It had been the star of the Morgan dollar series. I attended the joint meeting at NENA 1 and signed up for email. He was tired and had suffered an injury two years before that gave him great trouble. When the Civil War ended, and the Indian Wars campaigns were in a lull, Carson was appointed brevet brigadier general dated March 13, and appointed commandant of Ft. The coin was the subject of controversy and accusation in the late s. The Black Ship. Don't forget the second step The first step is learning how to do it. Southern Maine Collection Consignment This 43 piece United States small denomination gold consignment has been photographed. Irona; or, Life on the Old Southwest Border. Congratulations, Len! Thank you for stopping by and checking in at the Daily Blog during the last weekend in August.

Global Financial News Spot gold and crude oil prices have barely moved throughout the week. Liberty Seated dime specialist Gerry Fortin has graciously created and added a database module to the LSCC website for the identification and study of contemporary counterfeits from half dimes to dollars.

What a shame that we don't invest just a little more to turn the work into a habit. This half dollar evidently had skillful engrav- ing to remove the arrow heads on each side of the date and to remove the outstretching rays on the re- verse to create a novelty.

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A check of Jeff Ball's massive project excel sheet revealed that Dan Carr personally transferred the medal to David since they live in the same part of Colorado. He knew he could not win; he ordered his men to take cover on a small hill. IV; New Dime Novels, no.

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Garfield [44] but filled the work with contrived conversations and boyish excitements rather than facts. December 19, By autumnCarson started to burn the Navajo homes and fields and remove their animals from the area.

He resigned from the Army in February They were together only a short time. Cast Away; or, The Island Bride.

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Draped Bust dollar